Maximus Soldier X

Max was a middle aged teacher and community leader. Father of Jay O’tin tin and husband of Maiden Lauanda of the Mercedes. Max loses his wife in a terrorist attack perpetrated directly by planet destroyer. Max vows his life to the vengeance of his wife’s death.




Nova, daughter of Sir Michael D’ Jayden and Yaseris D’Luisa was the youngest of six siblings. After Losing her entire family  in the same terrorist attack that killed Max’s wife, Nova teams up with her best friend Allan to form the Vindicators Justice Group, (VJG).


Allan, son of Danniel Tato O’Little and Kimberly of Adames was an only son. After Allan’s parents are murdered, Allan swears his life to the destruction of planet destroyer and swears to settle the score, no matter what that means. Allan together with his best friend Nova forms the Vindicators Justice Group, (VJG).


Danniel-Tato O’little
Danny father of Allan.
Background unknown.
Currently classified as deceased.01_0004_gamePlayer_attack_1_1

Jay, son of Maximus Soldier X. Currently kidnapped by Planet Destroyer and his army of mind-controlled crimianls.



Master Ninja Niko

Niko, is a master ninja, her history is unknown. It is rumored that she is being controlled by the entity known as planet destroyer.

Warrior Yuli’Jullian

Yuli’Jullian is the only warrior surviver of planet xeon. While her history is unknown, what is known, is that her sole purpose is to eliminate planet destroyer and aid whoever it attempts to undermine or attack.

Planet Destroyer

A dark energy that is not attached to a single physical form, name, gender, or any other tangible representation. The energy currently takes form of Master Ninja Niko and a skeleton head that floats about. The energy is said to cross time and dimensions originating from a black hole in space.

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